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2019 October Updates to Parcel Groups

Parcel Group Updates

Parcel Groups Make Collaboration Easy

Understanding your properties requires organizing your data in a way that best fits your workflow. We heard your requests for better collaboration tools! Let us introduce you to parcel groups, files, and notes!

*Parcel Groups are available for subscribers to AQUAOSO's Portfolio Management Tool. Please contact AQUAOSO for more information.

Groups, Files, and Notes allow for creating an invaluable record of research.

Get on the Same Page

Digging through emails, searching endlessly through computer files, and circling back to the various persons on a project are a thing of the past. Save your photos, PDFs, spreadsheets, documents, and notes to a group. Finally. everyone can be on the same page.

With groups, you can quickly create and edit groups allowing for greater ease of data organization.

See How Parcel Groups Work

Better Collaboration Workflows

Improvements to organizing data and communicating important information related to parcels works best when a workflows involving an entire organization are adopted. Directing team members to input notes and files, and organizing everything into groups, can create a boost in an organization's overall productivity. 


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