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2020 February Updates to Water Security Platform

Updates to: California GSP's, Security, Hubspot/Gusto, World Ag Ex, and Team Additions. (3/1/2020)


California GSPs:

The AQUAOSO team has reviewed and distilled more than 70 groundwater sustainability management plans: giving our customers even more insights and data than ever before! (That's more than 25,000 pages of documents!)


The AQUAOSO team released our updated security policy and implemented major security changes to meet the needs of our bank customers.


We migrated to both HubSpot and Gusto as part of our growth strategy.
New Customers: We have a number of new contracts with new customers in California and the Northwest!

World Ag Expo:

Cameron pitched at the World Ag Expo, a great experience to spread the word!
Grower Mitigation Tools: We are starting to build our grower risk mitigation engine. We are working with The Nature Conservancy and our customers (banks and growers) for the first phase of these tools which will help growers identify actionable water risk mitigation strategies on the farm.

Team additions:

We are working with some great new (and returning) team members to help us build the business! Scott Gregory, one of our investors, is helping us build our sales team. Lauren Pettyjohn, a former coworker, is helping us with state expansion. Sarah Brown, one of our lead mentors from Techstars, is helping us build and execute our marketing strategy. Claire Madden has returned as an intern! 

We hope you found this article helpful! Please let us know what you think by providing your feedback. You can always view our changelog from your AQUAOSO account to see all of our recent updates. Also be sure to check out our website for more resources, and for any further inquiries, please visit our Help Center!