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February 2020 Release

Updates to: Well Reports, User Experience, and GSA/GSP Summaries. (2/27/2020)

Better Well Reports

It may not have been apparent, but California Well Completion Reports are usually placed at the center of the PLSS Range or Section. This means that well reports are frequently not on the parcel where the well is located.

We recently updated the well reports with the latest available data, including new links to the PDF reports!

This allowed us to start clustering well report results, so now you can see how many are available at each location. Click here for access more resources and information.

Clustered Well Reports

Improved User Experience

We listened to your feedback and got rid of the hover effect on well reports. Now when you click one of the triangles, you can drill into the list of reports.

Navigate into Well Reports
Click on the wells icon to view multiple pages of
well reports associated with that location

More Details in One Place

Now all the details you need, including parcel and GSA information, are on the right side bar instead of the left corner of the map, giving you a more open map view than before.

Get additional parcel details
Drill into additional parcel details.

GSA GSP Summaries

We’ve been hard at work distilling GSPs into brief, key points. The AQUAOSO Data Team has analyzed over 25,000 pages of draft and finalized GSPs, resulting in short summaries of each GSP that focus on details that matter most.

Get additional GSA details.
Drill into GSA details.
GSP summaries are being updated as new information becomes available.Think we missed something? Let us know, we are always open to feedback and collaboration.
Current GSP Coverage Map

Comprehensive Parcel Coverage

We increased our parcel coverage so you can add more properties to groups, run more reports in more parts of California, and continue to count on AQUAOSO for your parcel-water data needs.
If you find a missing or outdated parcel, contact us for help. We now have the ability to modify individual parcels between quarterly updates.

Expansion Outside California

A multi-month effort has been underway within AQUAOSO to add water risk reports for Arizona and Washington. Check out our changelog to see all the new layers coming online in these states. Have operations or colleagues in Washington, Arizona, or other states that are concerned about water risk? Let us know!

We are particularly excited to announce that our Washington Irrigation District map layer will be the most comprehensive of its kind. New team members at AQUAOSO have been making contacts all over the state and within USBR to bring together an initial baseline of data. We’ve scraped and aggregated years of canal flow data to determine water deliveries within Washington’s watershed.


We hope you found this article helpful! Please let us know what you think by providing your feedback. You can always view our changelog from your AQUAOSO account to see all of our recent updates. Also be sure to check out our website for more resources, and for any further inquiries, please visit our Help Center!