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2020 May Updates

Updates to: Water Right PODs and Water Right Information. (5/15/2020)

Right on Track with Water Rights 

At AQUAOSO we continue to create new features and functions that bring value to our customers. We decided to refocus attention on water rights to improve the experience and better convey the data. Water rights is a complex system and we are sure the improvements to water rights display, grouping, and new workflow capabilities will get your water research on the right track.

Identify Multiple Water Right PODs

Our water rights search has improved functionality by providing a quick view of multiple diversion points (PODs) associated with an owner and a water right application:

view PODs

As depicted above, you can quickly view the PODs from the list of your search results.


Improved Water Right Information and Display on a Parcel

Water right searches are the fastest way to see a specific water right, but often a parcel search is done first. You can now see relevant water rights, in addition to wells from our last update, in the right sidebar after you click on a parcel:

    2view water rights

    After you click on the “Water Rights in Vicinity” label, you will see a list of the water rights, relevant information, and the ability to view the right on the map or add to a group.

    3.water right in vicinity

    Upon clicking the "Show on map" button, the relevant water right and POD are shown back on the map:

    4.show water right on map

    You can next decide whether that water right should be saved to a group you are building and if you have follow up questions for further investigation around the pertinent water rights.


    Add Water Rights to Groups

    If you want to keep a certain water right associated with a group, you can click the “Add” button to bring up a menu to either add to an existing group or create a new group:

    5.add water right to group

    Keeping water rights, wells, and borrowers linked together improves data organization and communication across your organization.


    New Workflow Capabilities

    With the ability to add water rights, wells, and parcels to a group, plus the ability to add notes and file attachments create an effective and efficient workflow. For example, a member of an appraisal support team can:

    1. Create a group for the potential borrower

    2. Have an appraiser securely attach photos and documents to a parcel within a group and then,

    3. Run a report on the group that includes those attachments

    4. Then, provide that report to the loan officer or appropriate person with all of the information tied to one parcel, in one report.

    We hope you found this article helpful! Please let us know what you think by providing your feedback. You can always view our changelog from your AQUAOSO account to see all of our recent updates. Also, be sure to check out our website for more resources, and for any further inquiries, please visit our Help Center!



      The AQUAOSO Team