What resources do I have to understand a property’s value?

Currently, land valuation is not part of the platform, but with the notes and custom marker features, you can upload appraisal documents or other documents that are needed as part of a valuation process.

Custom Notes

After you add a parcel, well, or water right to a group, you are able to add custom notes and include a valuation for whatever is in that group. Note that AQUAOSO does not have automatic valuation at this time.


As shown in the video above, notes are easy to enter and can be shared amongst those in your organization.

Custom Files

Files may be uploaded to any note in a group. The following shows how you might incorporate notes and files into your workflow by adding things like an appraisal report or a well report that can assist with property valuation.


Custom Markers

In addition to files, each note is assigned a number marker. By clicking the plus button, you are able to click anywhere on the map and place a marker. That marker contains the note and file associated with it. At this time, only one file may be attached to a marker.


Workflow Tip

By using the notes, file upload, and marker feature, you can save time in the future when needing valuation documents like appraisal reports, maps, contracts, or well reports. They are also easy to collaborate with other people in your organization in a secure way. As a bonus, these notes will show up on the reports you run for the group making it easy to document additional information outside of the AQUAOSO platform.