How do I edit Parcel Group details?

Many details of a Parcel Group can be edited to provide greater insights

Edit and/or add details to your parcel group to gain even greater insights into loan collateral.

  1. Navigate to the Groups tab and create a new parcel group or select the existing parcel group you want to edit. 
  2. Parcel group details will be displayed in the right hand sidebar.
  3. The About sub-tab contains the following:  
    1. Group Name: enter a new value here to update the Group Name and then click "Save"
    2. Amount/Valuation: enter a dollar value here to add a principal balance or estimated valuation of the property to this loan then click "Save Details" 
  4. The Parcels sub-tab contains in the sub-tab name the total number of parcels within the parcel group and displays a list of each parcel that is part of the parcel group. Here you have the options for the following:
    1. Override: enter a new value for the parcel Owner Name or edit Crop information for the parcel
      1. Click on the pencil icon to override pre-populated parcel Owner Name or Crop information
      2. The parcel details will be displayed. There is a drop-down to switch between parcels in the parcel group. Click on the pencil Edit icon beside of the value you want to edit.
    2. Remove a parcel from the parcel group
      1. Click on the red "X" icon to remove a parcel from the parcel group
  5. The Wells and Water Rights sub-tabs display a list of wells and water rights associated with the parcel group. Wells and Water Rights must be manually added to a parcel group.
    1. To add Wells or Water Rights to a parcel group, click within a parcel in your parcel group on the map. The right hand sidebar will appear. Scroll within the right hand sidebar to the Wells and/or Water Rights information. Click on the Wells or Water Rights text to view a list of all Wells or Water Rights in the area. It can also be helpful to turn on the Wells and/or Water Rights map layers to view their location together with your parcel. 
    2. Select the "Add" button on the Well or Water Right you want to add to your parcel group. A new window will open. Click the parcel group you want to add it to then select "Add To Group".
    3. The Well or Water Right will now appear under the appropriate sub-tab of the parcel group.
  6. The Overrides tab allows you to quickly view and edit parcel overrides as described above in the parcel overrides section.