How do I find water rights for a particular parcel on the map?

Through the water rights search function in the left sidebar, you can locate a water right by water right number or by right holder name. It will display the diversion point on the map.


Water Rights in Vicinity

A powerful feature of the AQUAOSO platform is the ability to use geospatial analysis to locate data points, such as water right diversion points, and bring them to your attention during your search. AQUAOSO provides water right information for diversion points that are close to the property you are searching so you can add those to your analysis.

Saving Water Rights to Groups

To keep track of your water rights, you can add them to a group from the left sidebar list. Click the add button to bring up a helper window that allows you to add a right to an existing group or create a new group. 

For more information on groups, see group basics (coming soon).