How do I identify which Parcel Groups are included in my Loan Portfolio?

Parcel groups are marked with a flag to allow you to quickly and easily determine which groups are included in your Loan Portfolio

In Agcor Lite, you have the option to include up to 10 parcel groups in your Loan Portfolio. However, in Agcor Professional, all loan groups are automatically synchronized with your Portfolio, ensuring that you always have the most current data for portfolio analysis.

To view which parcel groups are included in your Loan Portfolio within Agcor Lite:

  1. Navigate to the Groups Tab to view the Groups Home screen. Tip: If you are within a parcel group click Groups Home at the top of the parcel group to take you to the Groups Home screen
  2. Select the "My Groups" option under your organization to view only groups created by you OR select "All Groups" to see all groups within your organization. The All Groups option is best if there are multiple users within your organization using Agcor Lite
  3. All groups that are included in your Loan Portfolio will have the "Loan Portfolio" flag next to them. Any group without the "Loan Portfolio" flag is not currently included in your Loan Portfolio.