How do I add an attachment to a parcel group?

Attachments can be added to parcel groups through the Notes feature and can be spatially tagged on the map

Files can be uploaded through the Notes feature as a way to store additional information related to a parcel group and assist with property valuation.

  1. Create or open an existing parcel group and scroll to the Notes section within the About tab 
  2. Select the "Attach File" button. This will open a window on your computer where you can navigate to and select the file you'd like to attach.
  3. Enter text in the Notes textbox and click "Add Note" to attach the file
  4. You can now view your attachment and spatially tag it on the map by zooming to the area on the map you'd like to tag the note/attachment, clicking the "Set location on map" button located below the note text, and then clicking the location on the map you want to tag the note.

All attachments will also be linked within the parcel group PDF Report