How do I use the map and view data layers?

Choose the data layers you want to see on the map to gain valuable insights

Agcor provides a wide range of data layers that enable users to visualize multiple types of data at the same time, offering valuable insights.

  1. From the home screen, click on the “Research Tool” tile
  2. The Research Tool and Map will open
  3. There are 7 buttons in the upper-left corner of the map that allow you to control the map:
    • Zoom In
    •  Zoom Out
    •  Find My Location
    •  Search by Address
    •  Map Layers – control the display of data boundaries shown on the map
    •  Change Basemap – controls the underlying image of terrain

    •  Legend - defines the meanings of the colors/symbols in the Map Layers

  4. Click the Map Layers button to see a list of all available layers to view on the map. Select the eye button beside of a layer to turn it on and off .
    NOTE: Some layers are only displayed at certain zoom levels and therefore you may need to adjust your zoom level (in or out) to view.
  5. Opacity and Layer Order can be adjusted by clicking on the button with 3 small dots next to each Map Layer
  6. Refer to the Agcor Data FAQ for a description of the data layers

Tip:  Data layers use certain colors and patterns that might be more easily viewed when placed upon different basemaps.