How do I search for water rights?

Water rights are mapped on the GIS platform and included in reports. Water rights are searchable in the research platform.

Identify water rights

Water rights may be identified in two different ways. You can search for a property and if there is a water right or multiple rights in the area, they will appear in the right side-bar.


Additionally, you can turn on the water rights layer and see them depicted on the map before or after you search for a specific parcel or owner.

Place of Use

The place of use is available on water rights to see which parcels are potentially benefited from the water right. Click on the map pin to see the place of use.

Idaho - Finding Water Rights Place of Use image

Workflow Tip

As you look at the water rights, pay special attention to the “Acceptance Date” because it sets the priority date for the water right.

Idaho - Water Rights - Workflow Tips

Also, you can add the water right to a group at any time by clicking the “add” button in the upper right corner. Keeping water rights with your properties you are researching in a group allow for an easy way to share the research with your colleagues or come back to research in the future and pick up where you left off.