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July 2019 Releases

Updates to: Water Districts and GSA, as well as new Features

Search by Water District and GSA has Arrived!

By clicking on the "More" tab, you are able to search by Water District or GSA. Try it Out!

Additionally we added a full-screen view option for Water Districts so you can see everything more clearly. Click the icon as shown by the green circle in the above image. Let us know what you think!

Other Great New Features

You may have noticed some new things about reports

  • A new option has been added to PDF reports, which will render all parcels together on the maps. Now you can see several properties at once in one report with the combined data all in one spot!
  • Maps are in higher resolution adding clarity.
  • New maps in your reports! Soil Agricultural Groundwater Banking Index (SAGBI) and Storie Index. Now you can communicate the value of soil quality and groundwater recharge capability in new ways!
We didn't forget about the research tool! You now have transparency control! We added transparency control to all layers on the research map. 



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