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2020 June Updates to Water Security Platform

Updates to: Water Security Scores, Mapping, and Water Rights. (6/10/2020)

Product Updates

- Water rights with related points of diversion - this included some major database work as we normalized data across multiple states and aggregated related information together on a map.
Estimated water demand (automated water budgets) and water security scores with an updated report format.

- Groundwater quality indicators and exceedance flags on reports.

- Proximity of land to Wetlands and Endangered species.

- Ability to add wells, water rights and custom data to parcels of land.

Coming next week:

- Enterprise level collaboration tools that include in app messaging and document uploading.

In development:

- Borrower facing Water Security Dashboard for borrowers (farmers) to manage water and land data, run analytics, connect direct with the bank all while gaining access to education and risk mitigation tools.


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