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2020 June Updates to Organization

Updates to: Notes and File Feature as well as site Organization.(6/23/2020)

Improved Experience with our Notes and Files Feature

We made notable improvements to our notes and files function of the parcel groups feature.

As a refresher, the parcel groups feature is a great way to quickly access and organize information in the context of parcels, collaborate with colleagues, and add parcels to your Portfolio Analytics Tool.

With this new update, you can now easily see who left the most recent note about a loan, investment, or land valuation. All notes display an author name, time stamped date the note was made, and show attached files with associated location on the parcel.

See what we mean below!

upload files and photos to notes

Better Organization

Notes are now stored in reverse chronological order for better organization. With this improved experience and our existing group feature, you can continue to work well together whether you are in the same office or miles apart and keep your files organized and easy to access for your analysis today, and years to come!

parcel notes organization



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