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October 2020 Release

Updates to: Portfolio Management and Parcel Groups. (8/16/2019)

Making Room for Great Features!

After clicking a parcel, we moved the info to a new panel on the right. No need to scroll under the search results - allowing you to see the info quicker!

We're also making room for exciting new features on the left sidebar, coming in the next release! As always, reach out with your comments and concerns: support@aquaoso.com

Parcel Search by County

Optionally select a county when searching to limit results and find the right parcel faster!

Portfolio Group Management

  • Run a PDF report on a group, and view past PDF reports for that group.
  • View and manage other portfolios that the group is associated with.
  • Find parcels map is now much faster.
  • Overrides work better on small screens.

Consistent Parcel Results Format

Parcel search results offer APN, Owner, Location, and Acreage in an easy to scan format.

Collapsible Legend

The legend will stay out of the way until you need it. Use the new map button to show the legend.



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