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Updates to Groundwater Priority Layers

Updates to: SGMA Basin and legacy basin.

Change to Groundwater Priority Layer

An update from the AQUAOSO Team:

AQUAOSO made a change to the groundwater priority layer.

There are now two layers that cover groundwater priority:

  • SGMA Basin Priority
  • Legacy Basin Priority

We created a blog post for an in-depth discussion on why we made a change and what DWR's timeline will be for finalizing groundwater basin priorities. The short version is below.

  • We are adding the "SGMA Basin Priority” layer to the map so you can see which basins are waiting for official priority determinations from DWR.
  • Also, the SGMA Basin layer includes the finalized basin boundaries from DWR that were approved February 2019.
  • The previous groundwater basin layer will now be named “Legacy Basin Priority” and can be used to see the unofficial priority, last updated in 2016, for each basin until DWR finalizes the priorities.
  • It is likely that the finalized SGMA Basin priorities available “Late Spring 2019” will be similar to the Legacy Basin priorities. 
  • We will finalize pending priority areas as soon as DWR officially finalizes the priorities.

For more information, click the blue information icon next to the SGMA Basin or Legacy Basin Priority layers in the platform or check out the blog post.

We are also available to answer your questions on this topic and other challenges you may be facing as you research water risk.

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