What do the Portfolio Overview risk exposure charts show?

Portfolio dashboards display bar charts connecting your lending data with climate and environmental data

To visualize the Lending data for your Organization, generate a Portfolio dashboard with the Overview level of detail. 


On the dashboard, the charts on the screen can be displayed by either Principal Balance or Acres, depending on which Calculate by option you select.

Note: if you run a report, both the PDF and CSV will contain the charts and details for both Principal Balance and Acres.


Dashboard View Configuration

To select the bar charts displayed on the Portfolio Dashboard and in the Portfolio PDF Report, users can choose the Risk Exposure Views. Simply click the dropdown arrow to view the current list of available Risk Exposure Views. This feature allows users to have more control over the visual representation of their lending data.

Note: The order of the selected Risk Exposure Views will determine the order in which the charts will be printed in the PDF of the portfolio report.

Dashboard Summary

When the Generate Dashboard button is clicked, the lower-left corner will display 4 Portfolio summary statistics:

  • Number of Loans - counted from the Organization's integrated lending data
  • Principal Balance - summed from the Organization's integrated lending data
  • Acres - geospatially summed from Agcor's mapping data
  • Debt per Acre - calculated by dividing the Organization's Principal by Agcor's Acres

Dashboard Overview Charts

The Generate Dashboard button displays a series of bar charts in the lower panel, sorted to show highest risks or concentrations first. Scroll down to view the entire Dashboard if more than 5 Risk Exposure Views are selected at once.


The sum of the amounts in each row of the selected risk exposures may not always match the amounts displayed in the Dashboard Summary boxes. This can occur for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Filtering by commodity or any other risk exposure that might not take up an entire parcel:
    • The charts will show only the amount impacted by the filtering criteria, whereas
    • The Dashboard Summary boxes will show the amount associated with the entire parcel (i.e. the amounts in the summary may be higher than the sum of the bars in the charts)
  • Parcel-to-Portfolio data integration exceptions:
    • Missing parcels occur when there is a timing difference between when a county updates public records after real estate transactions and Agcor's parcel data refreshes. When this happens on a parcel that is the collateral for a loan in your Organization's integrated lending data, the Principal Amount associated with that loan will be included in the Dashboard Summary boxes, but it won't be included in risk exposure bar charts that have been filtered by geographic elements.