How do I find which sources of water a parcel has access to?

A parcel may have access to a variety of sources of water. Knowing the types of sources, such as surface or groundwater, can start you on the path to understanding the water security of a parcel.

You can locate surface water sources most readily in the water district section of a report. 




The water district sources will let you know if the water is through a contract or not, if it's local or from a major project, and if there are particular points of interest related to the source. 


Groundwater Sources

Groundwater sources are typically related to a well on the property or near the property but the property owner has a well share agreement in place. AQUAOSO provides a way to see groundwater wells on the research map by clicking the appropriate layer as demonstrated below.

Workflow Tip


If you are working with multiple wells and parcels then you might want to make a group. You can add wells to an existing group of parcels and water rights, or create new group, by using the group helper window demonstrated below.