How do I generate a Portfolio Report?

Run a Portfolio Report to obtain PDF and .csv files of data

Portfolio Reports are generated in the form of a .zip folder. This folder includes a PDF Portfolio Risk Report along with individual .csv files for each risk exposure in the Portfolio Dashboard. This comprehensive format provides you with maximum flexibility in handling and analyzing your data.

  1. Once you have generated your Portfolio Dashboard, click "Run Report" 
  2. The default Report Name is “Portfolio Risk Report”, which can be customized – a useful feature for reports with search criteria that will be needed again later such as those reviewed in monthly Board Meetings or quarterly Stress Testing. There is also an optional field to include additional information. Once you've named your Report, select "Generate Report".
  3. Once the Portfolio Risk Report has been generated, an email notice with a link to the report will be sent to your email. The report will also be accessible from both the Reports tab and tiles, as discussed further in the “How to Find and Rerun Previous Reports” article.